Blagman, the new, so called ‘women-friendly’, show on Belgian television.

Just now Steven Vanherrewege announced a new television show in the talkshow Hotel M, on Belgian TV, called Blagman.

The concept is apparently danish and what the show does is asking women of all ages and shapes to present them to 2 men (Steven Vanherrewege and Phillipe Geubels. The last one is, btw, a comedian), take their clothes off and the 2 men will make comments on the women their bodies like it is a piece of art. According to Steven the idea is to show people what a woman really looks like so that men would stop thinking that every woman should look like a pornstar. Oh and did I mention that the show takes place in a full theater but the audience (and the people at home) only get to see the back of the woman?

There were 2 women (I forgot their names, I’m sorry) also guests in the talkshow and they were very offended by the new show, politely calling Steven Vanherrewege out on his bullshit and saying that this show ain’t woman-friendly at all. As defense Steven replied with “Did you see a boob in the video you just saw? I think not, so it is woman-friendly”.

I can’t believe that this show will actually be aired on Belgian television soon. 2 men judging women and their bodies, how can that be ‘women-friendly’. Seriously what are they thinking?

I hope it gets canceled.

Over the past few weeks, there have been repeated calls to “take gaming back” from the “white knights”, the SJWs, the liberal “crusaders”. But calling for better gender representation in games and game development isn’t about taking anything away. As an artform, as an industry, as a sport and as countless other things, gaming is growing at the speed of light. Yes, the traditional, “triple-A” boxed game business appears to be in decline, but that’s a poor yardstick for a medium that now encompasses hundreds, thousands of different devices, access points, genres and tastes. Such growth invites, demands and can only benefit from a more diverse and inclusive spread of creators and concepts. This is a question of evolution. It’s about taking what we have into tomorrow. Nobody needs to be excluded. And there is no need to panic.

OXM US Blog: Who’s afraid of women in games? (Page 2) - OXM US

I wonder if the decline of AAA titles has something to do with the vast majority of them being derivative of each other, and gamers are getting tired of the same old thing with marginally different graphics? I wonder if people are growing up and getting tired of dealing with assholes when they try to play these AAA titles online?

Women playing games isn’t the problem. The way some men treat women who play games is.

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Sketched on the beach of Saintes-Maries-de-la-mere, France.


did you know that on my Facebook page you can find an album where I show scans of every single page of my new sketchbook?

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Every page. Even the bad ones.

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i find it so incredibly attractive when someone is really good at something, like you can play the violin? damn son. you’re a really talented dj? good for you! i don’t care if you talk to me about quantum physics for an hour straight if i can see the passion in you at some point in that hour i’ll think “whoa, this is really hot.” 

I saw a TED-video once and the guy in it talked about how beauty is not in the eye of the beholder but beauty is something well done => when someone is making/doing/creating/… something very well then we are attracted to them.  

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I just saw How To Train Your Dragon 2!


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I drew a 17th century Unicorn.

Medieval Unicorns look weird.







Wow. I’m sure you’ve all seen this girl’s fantastic tardis dress floating around here the last week or so. She hand painted the inside and everything, and she just looks plain great. But of course, I see it posted on facebook, and the slew of comments begin.

I don’t think it’s a mystery as to why I, as a bigger girl, spend the week before a convention crying because I’m so nervous about what people are going to say about me just because I want to dress up and have fun like everyone else. And there is something really, really fucking wrong with that.

This girl is as beautiful as she is clever! If we on Tumblr are only good for one thing, it’s turning situations like this around! Let’s signal boost this and get it back to her so she knows how much we love it! ALLONZ-Y

Some people need a reality check preferably with a baseball bat THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME and she is gorgeous.

So this girl puts tons of work into this dress, hand paints it, looks 50000000% adorable in it, and posts pictures of it because she is so very proud of her work.  As she should be.  And then these people come along and put her down - because “oh no!” How dare someone **NOT** have a tiny body frame?  What the heck is that crud anyway!?  

Usually I would just reblog without comment, but those comments were really unnecessary.  She looks stunning and those people are more envious of her awesomesaucitiness than anything else.

My favorite is the bottom one because of how clearly it exemplifies that women absolutely can not win in geek culture, because here she is “called to task” for not being sexy, but if she was wearing a sexy tardis dress you can be sure the comments would be instead about how she’s using it for attention and is obviously not a “real” geek.

This cosplayer and dress are absolutely fantastic and you cannot convince me otherwise. She deserves so much more love and respect, that must have taken months to make! I just want to spread the message that anyone can cosplay, we do it for fun. We’re all nerds dressing up as characters we truly love, there’s no need for hate.

The girl and her dress are amazing. She looks great! People who talk shit about her and her cosplay should be ashamed of themselves and I bet that they don’t look like supermodels either.

I hate those kind of people. Because of them I don’t dare to cosplay because I’m afraid that people will talk shit about how I look like. Hell, I’m working on a cosplay of my character in Pokemon X & Y, A CHARACTER THAT I CUSTOMIZED TO LOOK LIKE ME and I’m even scared to dress like that because Pokémon-me is thinner and I just know that people will talk shit about it.