please stop screaming for heals

please stop screaming to be ressed


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Oh my god guys, I’m contacted by a Fashion company!

They want me to design patterns and illustrations for their spring collection!!!


I finally found a job and the first thing on my list that I want to I have to do is to buy a new computer. 

I have a Imac and after 6 years it became a piece of trash. Nothing works anymore, it is so frustrating.

I want to buy a gaming-computer instead of a stupid Imac because I finally want to be able to play at a good quality (or just games in general because everything is fucking PC-only) but my dad won’t allow me. He hates windows with a passion and he wants me to buy a Apple Power PC but those don’t exist anymore apparently. The alternative is a new Imac or a Mac Pro. 

Mac Pro sucks. I really don’t get what the fuss is all about. And I have a feeling that the new Imacs are even a greater waste of my money than the one I have now ever was.

Cooling still sucks and expect for more memory they aren’t really an improvement compared to my 6 year old piece of misery. The least good one is still €1230 and it doesn’t even have a CD-drive! Not to mention thatI feel like Apple is trying to rip me off and not even bothered trying to be subtle about it.  Also, the information on the website sounds hollow. Like they are trying to distract me from bad their product is by saying how pretty it looks and that it has ‘fun apps’.

I just want to be able to play World of Warcraft or the Sims without crashing. Or League of Legends and Team Fortress 2 without 30min loading time. I want to play PC-only games like Assassins Creed and Skyrim.

Aaah,fucking first world problems.



you gotta have 535+ ilvl

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Just made the feather for the hat of my Pokémon-trainer cosplay.

Didn’t turn out as good as I hoped but it ain’t that bad.

It’s not october yet but I’m already getting ready for F.A.C.T.S 2014! Can’t wait. 

I’m going is my Pokémon-trainer Avatar. 

Still need to find the right boots, handbag and I need to bring the hat back to the store to change it to a smaller size. Dumbass me accidentally took the biggest size there is instead of size 56.

Also need to get myself soms accessories like Pokéballs. Working on the feather-decoration, just bought the materials.It’s going to be my project for the evening.

Study of a painting from the Rococo period by Francis Cotes.

Study of a painting from the Rococo period by Francis Cotes.


It’s time to (re)brand myself.

Lets begin with designing a business card.

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I’m ready for Ezelsoor!

The organization asked to make a A3-sized drawing so kids can see the style that we draw in, so I made this poster. 

I’m preparing for drawing a lot of flying ponies.